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An article about my life journey with kolams (pages 6 to 13), August 2021

Understanding South India, Kolam by Kolam - Chantal Jumel - Center for Soft Power
The recent Pongal festival saw the lanes of Mylapore in Chennai adorned with kolams of different kinds. The grey asphalt glowed with the white powder, as the transient kolam was ...
29th January, 2020

Intricate kolams that inspire artistic idiom
Kolam is the soul of Tamil social life, interwoven with its cultural and humane consciousness. Tracing the soul of Tamil Nadu through Kolams and Sangam poetry is what researcher-artist Chantal Jumel has been doing for...
Ink drawings, exhibition at Apparao Galleries, Chennai. 9th March, 2018

Art at the threshold
Margazhi in Chennai is synonymous with sabha-hopping, piping hot delicacies and early morning pulli kolams.
13th December, 2018
Traditional kolams need to be revived" , Chantal Jumel has been doing research on kolam and floor paintings for 15 years now. She came to Chennai from France in 2010 and continued her research in a few villages. Chikku and padi kolams are her favourites among the 40 design she knows. “I live in France and came to India when I was 19 years old to learn dance.

Dainik Bhaskar, 29th January, 2018

A French connection to kolams!
Chennai has an enthusiastic visitor from France every year, during Margazhi season. Meet Chantal Jumel
10th January, 2017

Into the world of floor paintings
Chantal Jumel, traveller and researcher in Indian Visual and Performing Art talks about the unique traditional Indian floor paintings and why the rich legacy needs to be taught in art schools
16th February, 2017

Connecting The Dots Outside Our Homes
Drawing a kolam is an everyday chore for many women but how many are aware of its aesthetics, and what the dots signify? Through pictures and lectures, French photographer Chantel Jumal enlightens us...
19th March, 2016
The New Indian Express, 19th March 2016

Kolam Diaries and the Language of Om
’Unbound Line That Traverses Elements,’ an exhibition by French artist Chantal Jumel, is inspired from a gamut of topics that range from contemporary issues to Upanishads to the ephemeral kolam...
Ink drawings, exhibition at Apparao Galleries, Chennai, 12th February, 2015
The New Indian Express, 12th February, 2015

The search for the secret oasis
Chantal Jumel’s ongoing show at Apparao Galleries plays on the idea of repetition as leading into deeper truth
Ink drawings, exhibition at Apparao Galleries, Chennai, 11th February, 2015
The Hindu, 12th February 2015

Global fame for the humble kolam, Deccan Chronicle

Floor, a fleeting canvas
An avid student of kolam, Chantal Jumel found that the pictorial ritual tradition combines aesthetics with philosophy.
The Hindu, 10th January, 2014 
The Hindu, 10th January, 2014 

When kolams went West…
MEET French researcher Chantal Jumel who through her workshops and videos has introduced the art of kolam to Europeans and Americans
The Hindu, 23rd January, 2013

Mylapore Talk, 4th February 2012

Spotting a French mami in Mylapore | Chennai News - Times of India
It’s a tough task to spot Chantal Jumel in the crowd of mamis that has gathered near the Kapaleeswarar temple for the Mylapore festival kolam contest.
Times of India, 9th January, 2011