Workshop 1

A kolam workshop is an invitation to discover Indian culture, its mythology and the symbols of Indian iconography. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to draw; kolam combines harmonious forms and the grammar of numbers.
It is the experience of a new space, the pleasure to touch soft or rough materials and to draw with the fingers.

  • Contents of a workshop: Acquaintance with the ingredients (vegetable and mineral powders). Initiation to the drawing and colouring techniques (the hand becomes a tool). Learning of traditional designs.
  • Public: Adults or children from 8 years onwards (10 tò 13 maximum).
  • Where: On linoleum or dark stone floor.
  • Duration: 1 to 3 hours.

Workshop 2

A kolam colouring workshop. First, I outline several kolam with chalk then invite people to colour solo, with friends or with family members. This process allows visitors during a festival, to stop a few moments or for an extended period of time and learn about this ephemeral art without pre-registration.I bring the colours.

  • Public: Adults and/or children
  • Where: (on linoleum or dark stone floor)
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours

A conference demonstration

To approach Indian ephemeral art and understand its aesthetics and its function. I draw several kolam in front of you. I explain to you the techniques, the positions of the fingers to guide the powder and colour the surfaces. According to the theme, I will narrate stories of the gods and the goddesses of India, their incarnations and their attributes. You may address any question and I will answer.

  • Duration: 1h00 to 1h30
  • Where: the floor, a piece of linoleum, a wooden board. The public sits down in semicircle in front of me on cushions and chairs.
Arts Asiatiques museum, Nice