Namaste 2020, global utsava of Indian soft power

For those interested in kolam, the Tamil floor painting tradition please click on the link below. I speak from 7.07mn to 18.17mn, my friend Hema and her beautiful works demonstrates the technic then we join again around 48mn until 55.23mn.

The poem I was reading:

As the moon revolves around the Earth
and as the Earth revolves around the Sun
I revolve around you
countless times and in countless ways -
up and down and in and out
north and south and east and west
straight and cross
over and under
and round and round ...
Unless you are present
and unless you go around me
my existence does not count
Without you I am lost in myriad ways
with neither a start nor an end
and neither here nor there
Dots are just dots
neatly arranged in rows after rows
like letters in the alphabet
You are the one
that makes words out of these letters -
Pretty patterns with beautiful words
Thoughtful motifs with meaningful words
You are constancy and I am motion
You are the heart and I am emotion
You are the beginning and I'm the end
With you I am one
without you I am none
The gentle breeze and the rustling leaves
The glowing sky and the rippled river
overhear the conversation and wondered
whether ardhanarISvara was speaking before them!

Mohana J.K Rao