"Traditional kolams need to be revived" , Chantal Jumel has been doing research on kolam and floor paintings for 15 years now. She came to Chennai from France in 2010 and continued her research in a few villages. Chikku and padi kolams are her favourites among the 40 design she knows. “I live in France and came to India when I was 19 years old to learn dance.
A few close friends of mine, especially old women, are my inspiration. Some traditional styles are going out of trend and they need to be revived and kept intact,” says Chantal, a freelance researcher and artist who uses kolam aesthetics as the background of her graphical work. Chantal practices her kolams on paper because the weather in France is not suitable for this art form. She has written two books on floor painting, in French. A part of her book on kolam talks about the popular designs of Tamil Nadu. For details visit: Tip: Keep in mind the space available for the kolam and the event while deciding the design.