Two games inspired by Kolam and Rangoli

Meet Kanaka Ananth and her creative games called KRAZY KOLAM and RANGOLIO. Both are inspired by the fabulous floor painting traditions called kolam and rangoli.

Two games inspired by Kolam and Rangoli

The creative journey of Kanaka Ananth, director of Maniams Design Studio in Coimbatore.

"Twenty years back I had decided to pursue toy designing from National Institute of Design (NID). We were the first batch of 6 students; two girls and four boys. I went on to work with Creatives and Funskool. With lesser opportunities at that time for toy designers, I became an educator while continuing freelance projects for companies. Now with "Maniams toys" I am fulfilling my dream of creating toys inspired by Indian culture."
Coimbatore-based toy designer develops indigenous games inspired by kolam and rangoli
Kanaka Ananth launches games named Krazy kolam, Rangolio, Trikona and Paheli at the India Toy Fair 2021

Krazy Kolam and Rangolio

Krazy Kolam is a patented product and has designs based on kolam, for the age group of six plus. The designs have been inspired by her mother-in-law’s kolam book. While joining the wooden blocks or the coloured ones to form patterns, the children develop precision and their visual and spatial development improve. The blocks are presented in a handmade bamboo basket woven in Northeast India.

Three types of wood (Haldu, Beechwood, and Sheesham), and a screen printed pouch

Rangolio puzzle is inspired by rangoli patterns. The game is available in natural colour using 3 different woods or in a coloured version presented in a handmade bamboo basket woven in Northeast India. A game that helps developing visual, spatial, and fine motor skills in children or elderly people.

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